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About Us

In summer 1993, we were among the very first to move – very successfully – into the arena of GSM mobile telephony. New devices from brands such as Nokia, Motorola and Ericsson, were sold in thousand units, by our then created company ONOMA SA, together with the respective subscriber contracts, through Telestet mobile operator (actually Wind), all over Greece.

From 1995 we diversified in the related fields of more sophisticated telecommunication systems (hybrid digital and full digital PBX systems) and of powerful PC units and servers (mostly Compaq and Toshiba).


Since 1997 we started dealing with networks (based on coax cabling, non UTP), then progressively moving to data distribution via simple hubs, then primitive switches as well as multiplexers.


After 1998 our company’s characteristic role has been expanded from Simple Retailer to the one of a Value Added Reseller. Specialized services – such as installation, programming, maintenance, support – were progressively added to the sole “Box Moving”, whilst the product line evolved, with the addition of business products such as Pabx units, Network equipment for data – voice and video transmission, software for call data acquisition and processing, video conference & monitoring systems, voice mail systems, CTI systems, GSM gateways, simple security systems etc.


In 1999 once the era of modern networks emerged with UTP cabling, star topology, patching etc., we moved into modern switches, routers and afterwards to voice and video networks, VPNs, then VoIP systems, data rooms, specialized servers and network devices and recently cloud based solutions and so on.


During 2008 we added energy saving options to the proposed mix of solutions (retrofit and high end hybrid solutions), physical security (graded alarm systems, high end IP cameras), logical security (secure communications, data security etc.). Recently (mid- 2019) we added Access Control systems with cloud based software, within our activities spectrum.

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