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Το πιστοποιημένο προσωπικό της Onoma Technologies

Our Certified Staff


Technicians include cabling specialists (optical – copper – patch panels etc.), hardware and software engineers, installers, network certified specialists, but also specialized sales officers, account mangers etc. Thanks to continuous training to new techniques, disciplines, products and services (by visiting specialized exhibitions in Greece and in Europe, through webinars, continuous information etc.), to the respect of Health & Safety regulations, to a positive working climate, to the productive teamwork, but above all to the prevailing confident communication spirit with the other team members, partners and clients, we proud our teams to produce outstanding results at all levels, for the benefit of our clients.

Our collaborators are educated young men and women, with a High Technical School or University degree and / or with certifications in their respective fields of expertise. All together they master – and can communicate orally and in written form – in four languages (English, French, German and –of course – Greek). Some of our team members have more than 20 years of expertise in their respective specialization field. All together, we aggregate more than 90 human years of experience in our activity fields. Our technicians are trained as far as H & S regulations are concerned, are equipped with high tech tools and equipment (laptops with specialized technical software, spectrum analyzers, cabling testing tools, OF-ODTR and Power Meters etc.). They are permanently trained to new techniques, disciplines, products and services.

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