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Why choose onoma technologies

Why Choose Onoma Technologies?


Which is our way? Very simply to find and propose to our new and existing clients, a combination of products, software, services and finally solutions that are backed-up by serious vendors, are future proof, reliable and optimized for their profile. Considering that the contemporary ICT and security ecosystem is wide, deep and complex and encompasses many industry sectors, our way is to find the right personalised solution mixture for every one of our potential clients. Just remember: We solve YOUR UNIQUE problems!


Which is our expertise? Perfect knowledge of our ICT+ sectors, a long history in these fields (since 1991), a near perfect satisfaction rating form our clients and a holistic approach to our clients desires and problems. We can manage systems of every standard, size, technology, generation, combination etc. They can be cloud based, in premises and / or hybrid solutions, stand alone or coupled to call centers, with CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) applications (3rd party – 1st party) etc.


We can manage multisite realizations (national / International). It is indifferent to us whether they are combined systems (security – voice – data – automation – A/V etc.), commercial and industrial or located on construction sites. Even if the requirements are very specific (for instance explosion proof devices, hybrid power supply systems, special trigger mechanisms etc.), we can support them. Regarding connections we can handle solutions not only as multisource (Satellite data, 4G/5G, Microwave, Adsl / VDSL etc.), but also combined to optimised Data & Voice provision and active automated network management (through Bonding, Load balancing, virtualisation etc.). techniques. Our diachronic expertise allows us to deal not only with systems of recent technology, but also with older ones. Therefore we can undertake projects – maintain equipment etc., which combine perfectly “the old and the new”. In this way, we do not degrade – outdate existing and operating equipment at once, but we try to adapt it to the new circumstances or customer’s requirements. We manage this by applying retrofit, backward compatibility, cross generation adapted etc. based solutions. Just remember: We solve YOUR UNIQUE problems!


Which are our strong points? They can be summarized in the following paragraphs and they resume the core of our working philosophy.

a) Excellent knowledge of the administrative, commercial and technological environment in the telecommunications, information technology, security systems and energy saving fields, as these are now applicable in Greece (and not as they theoretically should apply or as they do apply to other countries or as they did apply to other periods in the past!).

b) Collaboration with authoritative, experienced, trained and leading technicians (specialists in their fields) with certified skills, so that the existing technical problems of our clients are resolved in full and in a reliable way, if possible in one visit and in a very short time. Plus point: We don’t just solve the problem. We always try to find out what was the origin of the problem, in order to localize and eliminate it.

c) Good working practice. Our technicians do arrive on time at customer’s premises, with the necessary tools and equipment. They are polite, clean and ready to explain the cause of the problem that they solved. As a result our technicians meet our customers objectives and very often get good customer satisfaction ratings. Last but not least: Our technicians are permanently trained in order to be up to date in the disciplines of their respective activity fields.

d) Speed, because we know that if a problem affects in a critical way, a vital business area, it has to be solved now and not “when the technician is available” or “when the programmer will be able to look at the program” etc.

e) Excellent quality / price ratio of our services because we know that we operate in a very competitive environment, where every decision maker will include cost (acquisition and running) as one of his main evaluation criteria and critical issues to be considered. This applies to the whole spectrum of services, systems, solutions that we offer.

f) Continuous monitoring of the “mainstream technology’’, because we know that in the areas where we operate “everything flows”. In such a way that the solution which -until yesterday- appeared to be the best one, now is upset by a new and different one, which discredits the existing solution in a critical manner. Therefore we try to propose and recommend – as far as this is possible – future proof solutions, at the time that we believe that they are mature enough, to be implemented in the given business environment.

g) But above all the key reason of our success is the support offered to our customers at a post- sale level. The fact that we “sell the right solution to a client” is not the temporary end of our relation with him, but –on the contrary – the beginning of a long lasting win-win relation. In the meantime we are more open than most to consider customisable solutions to meet the unique demands of each one of our clients. Just remember: We solve YOUR UNIQUE problems!


Which is our method? We work together with world class companies in our respective fields of activity, we are permanently following the tech evolution -by constantly researching the international markets- in order to pinpoint the prevailing trends in our industry, by visiting specialized exhibitions all over the world, by assisting in webinars, attending presentations of new products and techniques, participating in conferences, collaborating with experts in every field, deeply researching in the net and so on.

It is only in this way that we are confident that the solutions that we propose and implement are robust, future proof and ready to withstand any probation, thus reducing the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of our clients. We also work very close with our new or existing clients in order to get the right personalised solutions for them. Please remember: “We do things that we know well, in the right way and that we can perfectly support or we don’t do them at all!” Just remember: We solve YOUR UNIQUE problems!

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