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History & Ethics Onoma Technologies
History & Ethics

Onoma is present since 1992 in the Greek Telecoms market (Mobile telephony with Ericsson, PABX units with Panasonic, Fax machines with Murata etc.) . In 1995 the activity field was enlarged to include IT equipment from Compaq – HP & Toshiba. After 1998 our company’s characteristic role has been expanded from Simple Retailer to the one of a Value-Added Reseller, Installer and Service Provider. In 2008 we added physical security products (cameras, graded alarm systems etc.) in the mix of solutions offered to our clients. After 2015 logical security (secure communications, data security etc.) and access control solutions, were included in our activity spectrum. In 2018, thanks to the development of the internet infrastructure,  we started integrating the three sectors (Information, Communications and Security) in a single unified one, coded as ICST (Information, Communications, Security Technologies). Finally in 2020, due to the CoVid related change of work environment, we started progressively offering cloud-based solutions for the above.

History & Ethics Onoma Technologies

The totality of our business practices are governed by integrity, honesty, fair dealing and full compliance with all applicable regulations and laws. Everyone in our structure, from the CEO to the last cleaning lady is committed to these values. It’s a “sine qua non” condition to work with us. We consider our reputation to be one of our greatest assets. “Onoma” in Greek means name. Having this in mind, we conduct our everyday actions in a way that this “name” is positively esteemed, reputed and considered, by all our partners. For these reasons we have created our own code of Ethics and Business conduct and we ask all our collaborators for adhering to this. Key points of it are: Compliance to the latest GDPR regulations, Confidentiality of Business Information, Respect of cultural differences, Customer Protection, Moral Integrity, Professional Behavior throughout the service chain.

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